How to be a REAL Cool Dude

April 7, 2017
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How to be REAL Cool Dude
Leather jacket
Hair gel
A white t-shirt
A motorcycle
Fingerless gloves
A comb
Grey pants
Cigarettes (because cigarettes are cool)
Zero self esteem
Fake confidence
1.Punch your alarm clock to turn it off
2. Put on your clothings in montage format
3. Stare into the mirror for 20 minutes and practice your catchphrases and facial expressions
4. Keep telling yourself how cool you are
5. Ride your motorcycle without a helmet
6. Nod at people in cars on the way to school
7. Pull into parking lot epically
8. Once parked started smoking cigarettes
9. When a staff member finally shows up to ask you to stop, you say, “Shove it, man!”
10. Dismount from your motorcycle and start strutting to the door.

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