March 13, 2009
By Anonymous

I wonder if I show my feelings as obviously as you do yours.
That would be pretty unfortunate for me.
God knows, I don't even know what I feel sometimes.
You seem to wear your feelings on your sleeves, where everyone can see them.
Is that what makes you so approachable?
Is that why it's never awkward between us?
But the more I watch you, the more I see how uncomfortable you are. You know that you're transparent. Everyone can see right through you. Do you sometimes wonder if someone might use you?
It's easy for them to talk to you, as it is for me. But it's not as easy for you. You have to choose your words carefully, I notice. So as not to reveal too much, or too little, though you don't know that you've already revealed all.
How I envied you.
How sympathetic I am now.
Because you wear you feelings on your sleeves.
Does that make you a better person than me, because I choose to hide them sometimes?
No. I realize there may not be an answer to any of these questions.
I stare at your sleeves, as I'm telling you this. As I'm slowly putting on my own feeling-heavy sleeves. So you can see me as clearly as I see you.
I'm staring at them as I reveal myself, and for the first time I can't read them. I can't read you. Can it be, for once, you've chosen to hide them? Or is it because your sleeves look exactly like mine?

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