My vibes towards God

April 6, 2017

Every day when the sun rises
Our god will ascend up and shine upon us
Showing his love and kindness
Through the people who adore us
Making our life graceful and unsinful
Through the smile of his happiness  

Gods smile is brighter than a thousand burning suns
Which crisp all the shadows around the earth
To fill all the gaps with his holy grasp of  love
Throughout this wacky world that we still walk upon
But yet he is our holy son that rises like the sun

God’s affection has no limits but can spread like fire
Through ashes of evil and the most of unholiest of hearts
Who know nothing of forgiveness or his son’s sacrifices
The one and the almighty who died and cleanse us with his heart 
Yet he rises as our sun as he distants himself from the clutches of dawn

God has exposed to us all that we are not confined in solitary
In dark times when we are most troublesome but through our hearts

God sends a blessing to provide us with a wave of fortuity
Don’t clutch to fear just grab your board and get ready
To ride a wave of chance and opportunity 
Before it descends over the horizon to
the Man of blessing who acts like the rising sun 

God does things in awe and wonder
Through the nature that seem to be stuck with others
He teaches people to live with reason instead of living like there in treason
Yet hearts maybe shatter but he teaches others what really matters
Before he leaves them in the glare in the shadows behind the rising sun

God the one I followed
The one who show me the path of honor
But I flew to the skies of wonder
Every time I left to sought for an answer
I got a door that open that led me to a road of reason
As i work hard to to beat the sun before it had risen 

God amazes me of what he can do with his power
He blesses the weak with love and truth
Through the miracles that he shine upon us
With every day being blessed with eternal happiness
Before the day races away and meets up 
with  the dark one they call dusk

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