If You Want Me Around

April 10, 2017

I think that within the dull falling rain
There's always some plenty color to gain
Perhaps in spite of the repeated pain
I'll watch the sun snap away from its feign


I think that instead of counting each blink
I'll stare at the eyes unless they do shrink
Whatever it takes to get you to think
In doubt anymore, I'll reach that tough brink


Take me as I am, though not strong for now
I'll share with you soon, I promise somehow
I'm standing on edge, you can come to bow
One day could bring us our beautiful vows


Sometimes I'd like us to toss the suspense
All mysteries shoved right over the fence
One for wanting to know now, I say hence
Reasons on why daydreams in mind hang dense


If there's any way you could let me know
Please do it soon before I break and go
My position meant to resist the show
In letting you know of esteem so low


I guess it's easy to say that I'm kind
But kind is meager in what you would find
I'm not at all perfect - not far from blind
Nothing comparable to girls who shine


Leave the heart in the skin where you found it
But please stay if mending where the males bit
I'm not in a place where falling is fit
So please only come if I'm worth the sit


Far away outside, is where I'll be found
But don't even ask if there's nothing bound
Heartbreak, pity's sake - it's an awful sound,
Speak and listen if you want me around

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