the war

April 7, 2017
By Cocobean DIAMOND, Brooklyn, New York
Cocobean DIAMOND, Brooklyn, New York
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the water’s far above me now
i’m well beneath the surface
my lungs are filled with water
but my heart is void of purpose
for years i hung with questions
every why, when, where, what if
today i end the story
today i jumped the cliff
these years of melancholy
this world so harsh and grim
a glass half-full of poison
jagged edges for a rim
these years cling to my body
as they drag me further down
for years i have been sinking
but today i get to drown
white haze clouds up my vision
i’m on the final strand
my eyelids start to close
  that’s when i see the hand
it reaches for my collar
it pulls me up, away
from eternal, tragic slumber
i’d prepared to join today
my lashes beg to shut
end the sorrow still that lingers
but my last few gears have shifted
and i reach up to the fingers
today the fight was over
but as i see the sun
i know truth is i’d surrendered
though i thought that i had won
i’ve had my war with life
mere inches now i am from death
my lungs are filled with water
but my heart has chosen breath

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