Recipe For The Perfect Dog

April 7, 2017

A handful of wiggles
A galaxy of fluff (fur, which will end up everywhere when it sheds)
1 wet nose (it will use this to stick it in your face to wake you up)
A pile of loud barking (this will be useful so it can protect you from intruders and the mail man)
A mound of cuddles (to keep you warm at night while it hogs the bed)
A dollop of friendliness
A pinch of naughtiness
One large mixing bowl will be needed to mix ingredients

Find a large mixing bowl (depending on the size of dog you are making you might need to use your bathtub or even a baby pool)
Mix the wiggles, cuddles, and friendliness together in the bowl
Leave mixed ingredients outside in the sun for about a half hour
Incorporate the naughtiness and loud barking into the mixture
Take out the mixture and roll into your desired shape
Add the fluff and wet nose
Let sit overnight or at least 7 hours and you should have your very own perfect, wiggly and naughty pup

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