April 6, 2017
By Hhaileyy77 BRONZE, Harrisonville , Missouri
Hhaileyy77 BRONZE, Harrisonville , Missouri
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As the feeling of being unwanted intertwines with the pain of abandonment, there is nothing to do but sit there and wonder why?
Why wasn’t I good enough?
Why wasn’t I what you wanted?
Why did you give up on me so easily?
As the pain grows stronger, I become less and less of myself.
My views of hope and love slowly dwindle until they’re obsolete.
Oh, how I wished you felt some contrite for the way you treated me.
All the pain and torture you put me through.
All the nights staying up late crying about you.
You depleted my forgiveness, until all that was left was my odious personality towards you.

The author's comments:

My mom has hurt me through out the years and I write to get my feelings out 

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