Midnight Cloak

April 5, 2017
By acdubs BRONZE, Carbondale, Illinois
acdubs BRONZE, Carbondale, Illinois
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The skin I'm in is a present
From my kin,they sent to the present
Born with midnight wrapped around me
Raised by words meant to down me
Lip to big
Brain to small
Life the most worthless of them all
Under my skin like chiggers
The words plunder the face I see in the mirror
For the first time I see the world clearer
What a dangerous place for hearts much bigger
They’re strict in what they pick
For who's sick enough to stick
Women tan for my midnight gift
Still uplifted and the real ones sifted
Thunder shakes my core. I'm sore.
I’ve drowned so many times and ended up on cold shores
Almost like being a decent person is a chore
Minorities are torn apart for the parts valued most
This isn't something minor that can be fixed over tea
The “Land of the Free” is a horrible host

The author's comments:

I wrote this slam poem about being black in America. I want people to see and understand how racism and cultural appropriation affects a black people. I also want people to enjoy! 

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