If Only Someone Heard Her

April 4, 2017
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She screamed for someone,
And cried for help.
It will never be the same
I think to myself.
That little girl would still be here,
If only someone heard her,
She would not have disappeared.
Our phone screens flash,
Amber alert! Amber alert!
Some swipe past,
Knowing a child has gone missing,
Only ten years old,
She’ll never have a sweet sixteen
Or a boyfriend’s loving hand to hold.
Someone should have helped her,
Instead of ignoring it to send a snapchat,
Society is people that are oblivious to the real world
And most won’t admit that.
Maybe if someone had, then Grace would still be here.
People say she should have helped herself
Since they saw a confident girl,
But on the inside,
She saw a boring oyster with no pearl.
No one knows why he did it.
She was only ten years old.
Maybe it was her beauty, grace or whit
That made him take that girl.
“New York, NY LIC: SOS767, Black Jeep, 2 door”
Her family cried their eyes out,
Wondering when they will see the little girl they adore
Or if she will ever return.
So why would anyone do this?
Snatch a little girl that was happy as can be,
And take her to a place
Where no one will ever hear her pleas?
Her little sister can’t leave the house.
The school had a ceremony,
But everyone was as quiet as a mouse.
The people were in awe.
Her family still can’t believe
That when she left the house that night,
It would be the last time they ever saw her leave.
Her mother just wants to tell her,
“I love you and good-bye.”
She will never let her daughter's legacy fade to a blur.
While the pain is cutting through,
I think of what would happen if she had not been taken.
Her sister made a promise,
To tell Grace’s younger siblings to always behave
And when she goes up to heaven,
To always visit their sister’s grave.
If only someone had told him,
How bad it is to take a young girl.
Maybe if someone had,
Just maybe,
She’d still be alive.
But it’s getting harder to accept the truth,
More parents are starting to feel scared.
Grace is experiencing her last moments of this life,
And she couldn’t be more unprepared.
She’s alone in a dark room,
With no one around.
Trying not to face her doom,
But is aware of what is coming.
She hears the door slam,
And his voice cutting through the cool crisp air.
“Good-bye little girl.”
He said it with a smirk,
As he lifted up his arm to pull the trigger,
Making him the jerk
That killed Grace.
They can’t ever say she didn’t scream loud enough.

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