April 4, 2017
By Anonymous

That is an understatement.
What you did to me was worse.
It was like someone reached into my chest,
Ripped my heart out.
Threw it on the ground,
And stomped on it.
Rain became my favorite sight.
Depressing and loud.
Drowning out the thoughts.
“You aren’t good enough”
“He never loved you”
I listened to music louder.
Did things I would never do.
I started failing classes.
Falling behind.
Hanging out with people that are “bad”
I went off the road I was on.
I tried to follow you but…
It was no use.
You had gone away and when you left?
You stole my heart.
You reached in my chest,
You ripped it out.
Threw it on the ground,
And stomped on it.
Only you know why.
You said you love me.
You say you still do.
You intentionally hurt me.
So pain?
What you did was much worse.
You made me rebuild a wall.
And from here on,
No one can break it down.
I will never be this hurt again.

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