April 4, 2017
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You dream a dream filled with the perfect life,
But when we wake, we are not in that life,
No, we are far from that,
Even farther than we’d like to admit,
The endless wanting and wishing causes us to live a shattered life,
Hoping for the things we cannot give,
Life does not live up to those expectations, those wishes.
Life gives us things that we sometimes don’t want and we wish for something else.
It throws curveballs, obstacles that hinder us from the way we want,
The wanting never goes away, it is part of us, imbedded in our brains.
The wanting drives us for more,
For the life we cannot live filled with things that are past our grasp.
This wanting consumes us, makes us live a lie.
The artist dreams of her own gallery, but is living on commission.
The writer dreams to live in the city, but is struggling to make rent.
The teacher wants to teach what she loves, but does it at the cost of her own happiness.
The struggles fill the empty void between us.
They eat up the hope that dies when we are young.
The wanting never dies, we are born with it and so we must die with it.
The wanting surrounds us; it is drawn like a moth to a flame.

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