Where Is Your God

April 4, 2017

Where is your God?
Betrayal. Lies. Love.
That's all there is.
Nothing left to hold onto.
Walls closing in.
Losing air.

Where is your God?
He promised riches and happiness.
I loved her. I wasn't rich but happy.
Together we were.
Walking home from the movie
Looking to her and seeing her lying still
Ambulance holding hands
No beat the music gone
Best friend and his alcohol
He his alcohol and his Porsche took her

Where is this God?
I grieve
But what for.
Never will i see her
Feel the touch of her hand.

The only thing I feel is the recoil.
Smith & Wesson
The only thing I see is bodies
Drunks and Drunks
The only thing I hear is her voice
The only thing I think is where is this God?
I am.

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