Some Place

April 3, 2017

It's 1:25 and I'm starting to feel alive. Please don't criticize or demonize my heart; after all it's only trying to find a home.


Some place to call home, to call it its's own, and own every piece that's under it's dome and be free to forever roam beyond the roads, the roads of it's home.


Some place to call mine, after all this time trying to find perfect rhyme and reason in a world that's all lies, but not in this place, this place I call mine.


Some place to call freedom, I promise I'm not trying to keep them hidden from the seasons because sometimes you have to see suns rise and fall and see the seas rise and fall to know that it's all worth it all to have this place called freedom.


Some place to call ours, where we can spend all the hours in a place where hours are like lifetimes and seconds with you come second to nothing - no - not even something, because together we're greater than all things in this place we call ours.

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