The Fishbowl

April 3, 2017

Phrases modified from
Gary Soto’s original poem 
“Oranges” ~

My mother’s eyes met mine
And held them wondering
What this was all

My brother sat on the floor grumbling
Pointing to his right

My mom’s eyes flicked to where he pointed
She stared in horror

I followed her gaze
My look fixed on the fishbowl
I frowned
It looked like a tiny, brown, turbine aquarium

“How did that happen?” asked my frustrated mother
Looking from me to my brother

“She did it!” my brother yelled
Shoving his finger dangerously close to my face

My mom then turned to crouching down and inquired,
“Is this true?”

I looked up and tilted my head in confusion
“Well I love jelly beans, so I thought the fish would too.” I replied,
a smile blossoming onto my face.

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