Past Relations

April 2, 2017
By SaltyBear BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
SaltyBear BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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What were we? A question I asked myself many times after this drought of emotions I experienced. Replaying every emotion, scenario and thought a million times over. Each time thinking of what to say, contemplating another way to keep you closer and closer each thought. Thoughts leading to nights lacking of sleep that would trot to the mind to thinking deep. To think deeper than one has thought before just to lead to the core. Reflecting upon times with you seem to continue to only seep through this block. Each memory widening the gap for more to seap in through this mindless trap. This trap that would lead me to fall down a bottomless hole to find that I now have an empty soul. Memories to remind of that two faced soul that would leave this mind to wander through coal. But there cannot be a definite answer to all this chaos which continues to leads me to ask; what were we, what was there to be?

The author's comments:

It's the feeling that every person goes through after an unsuccessful relationship.

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