My Dream, my World

April 2, 2017
My dream, my World
We the youth of today
Are the builders of tomorrow
It's a challenge to change the world;
But not impossible,
If the famous leaders could
So why the world couldn't?????
With the fundamental rights in our hands,
we can write the book of ideas for the world
New world,my World!!!!!!
World is full of wonderful wonders,
It can change terrorism into patriotism;
What my dream for the world is that it should go with the path of morals given by the leaders.
I the future of my country want it to be ,
Green, to be crime less,
To be magical,to be fearless.
With thousands of laws loitering on roads
Our world should be? the greatest & wonderful
In the whole Universe
Which always teaches us a new lesson in every step of our lives....

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