Forgive me

March 31, 2017
By , Salisbury Mills, NY

The graying man sits in his cell,
three walls was all he could see, gray and chipped, rusty bars to his right.
They slide with a loud screeching creak, bringing immense pain to his ears.
“Someone is here to see you” , the young officer says
The man is taken aback, in all his years here, no one has ever come to see him.

The officer sides cold cuffs around his wrists, and directs him to a glass panel.
“Son of a b****”, he mutters under his breath.

The young man that sits behind the glass had to be in his mid twenties.
Brown locks fall in his face, accompanied by deep green eyes.
Just like him.

“You have fifteen minutes”, the guard says, and closes the door with a loud, “Slam!”
The prisoner sits down absentmindedly in the cushioned chair, seeing his son for the first time in years.
The man looks at his son like a deer in the headlights.
Why was he here?
What did he want?

“Dad”, he starts, taking the man back a bit.
“I came here to talk”
He says again,
he really had to put all his effort to talk to this man.
His heart beating a million miles an hour.
“Why though?”
The prisoner squirms uncomfortably in the cheaply made chair.

“To forgive you”, his son replies, not looking at him.
His emerald eyes fixed to the floor,
It was still hard to look him in the eyes after all these years.

The prisoner said nothing, and sat in awe.

The guard pops his head in and says, “10 minutes”
The prisoner nods his head, and the door slams once again.
Silence  greets them again for several more seconds.

“I know you weren’t the best father, you weren’t there all the time”,
his son begins,
“And I know you cared about me and mom, a lot”

The prisoner looks at his son,
He notices that he looked just like him when he was his age.
He grew up to be quite the young man.

Too bad he couldn’t be there to see that.
He’s been in prison ever since his son turned 15. 
Turns out his past caught up  to him sooner than he thought.

“Mom had told me, after you went to jail that you had some connections”,
He paused for a second, the short silence was deafening.
“And that you had to make a couple people disappear”

His wife had told him.

“But I want to let you know that I forgive you” 
He looks into his father's eyes for the first time this whole meeting.

Once again, he was taken aback.
His son forgives him?
“Before you say anything, it’s taken me time to do this”

His son just seemed to read his mind.

“But, you’re my father, and-”
The guard breaks their “bonding” time
“Time's up, let’s go”,
He says, he takes the prisoner up by the shoulders.

“I’m not done talking to my son yet”,
He looks back at his son,
He sits there in silence, watching this all happen

“I gave you enough time, let's go”,
the guard drags him out of the room, leaving the son alone.

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