I'm Losing Air

March 31, 2017

I'm losing air.
It was a routine mission. Go out and inspect the debris damage.
Sometimes the space debris hits the huge station but doesn't hurt it.
Tomorrow was shipping day as we call it.
We got to go home.
I was finally going to see my beautiful wife and the baby who's birth I missed.
I went out to the side. I felt a little resistance and then a push.
I realized nothing was holding me.
The tether had been severed.
I was not going back inside.
I was not going home.
When we go out he only use the 10 minute oxygen supply.
I had been out here.... How long?
How long until I die of the deprived?

Major Tom to ground control?
Is anybody there to help me.
No more oxygen.
I push away and back in the nothingness.

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