A Soul

March 31, 2017
By GxldSoul BRONZE, Freeport, Texas
GxldSoul BRONZE, Freeport, Texas
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A Soul.
A Soul in need of balance between change and transformation.
Change. She keeps her past not certain of her future.
Transformation. She relegates her past and is certain of her future.
She could never let go of her past but she wanted to tarnish what had
Beaten her,
Touched her,
Pushed her,
Degraded her,
Cut her,
Yet she knew she could never cover those marks left.
It scarred her body, her mind, her soul.
But it built her courage to say
“I Overcame That,”
Overcome what is expected to come over,
Show Intellectual hospitality to thoughts and actions plagued by deleterious beings
Or even the perception of what she believed was right.
She conquered the valleys and mountains that she couldn’t climb or travel,
Now she sits with a crown on top of her head that weaves jewels and fine art,
But below that crown sits the mind of a wise but strong woman.
A soul deep within that sings,
“I’ve Overcome…”

The author's comments:

I was inspired by my own self to write this poem. Something I longed for was expressing my needs and accepting my past in order to love myself and my journey to this point of my life and onward

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