The Roots of Your Tree

March 31, 2017

 I know you’re with me
You have to be
Because I can feel your thick roots growing down into my heart
And I can hear you humming your favorite song when I go to sleep
But why can’t I see you

I know you’re with me
Because I can feel your shadow watching over my shoulder through the day
And I can smell your favorite cologne every time I see a glimpse of happiness
But why can’t I see you

You're not there
Give me some strength
Because I can no longer search
Because I don’t want to think if you're soaring with the stars or sleeping deep in the ground.
I don’t want to think if I can hold onto the memory of your voice any longer.
And I don’t want to think if this search for you has only been a useless fragment of my time.

So tell me
Where are you?
Where are you hiding?

Oh, wait. I know.

Though my love for you will never die,
My search for you has concluded.
Now I know
You only live in the pictures we cherish so greatly
You only hum in my dreams
You only follow me in my thoughts
And you only fill the room with aroma in my desires
But the roots of your tree will always grow deeper and deeper into my heart

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