Mother and Daughter

March 21, 2017
By , Cambridge, MA

“Oh, look at all the flowers here.
Do you know what they’re called?
Now look at that nice roof right there
Whose name I can’t recall.”

Oh please keep those legs moving now
I have a place to go
I want to feel wind in my hair
Or at least not go slow

“Cmon, relax, enjoy the ride.
You must appreciate
the lovely quaint old house right here
With the beautiful gate.”

Despite how many times you try
I still won’t like to look
at houses, roofs, lawns, flowers, trees.
I’d rather read a book.

“I just want to show you the things
that help to make me see
the beauty in the everyday.
I want you to feel free,
To not rush through the life we live,
because you may not know
that you could learn to love the path
if only you go slow.”

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