Open Your Eyes

March 16, 2017

Open your eyes, they don’t have a clue
Open your eyes my darling I promise what they say isn’t true
Open your eyes, your life is quickly passing you by
Open your eyes but please don’t let them see you cry

I know why you always tend to keep your eyes closed
This life you live, wasn’t something you chose
You sit and ask yourself how or why this is happening to you,
Then you wonder how it is that you’re going to survive and make it through

The world that surrounds you often gives you a scare,
You tend to only meet people that make your heart feel as if it is about to tear,
Friends that end up being like snakes in the grass,
Humans that tend to shatter your trust and hope as if it were glass

I’m encouraging you to give the world a chance for one day you’ll meet,
A person who rights everyone’s wrongs and makes your life feel complete
Someone who wipes away your tears like windshield wipers on a rainy day,
A human that makes you forget what it feels like to not be okay

Open your eyes, these obstacles are making you stronger
Open your eyes, the monsters will scare you no longer
Open your eyes and look in the mirror,
Open your eyes, this time the image you see will be clearer

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