Hold On

March 16, 2017

What do you do when you don’t have a clue,
Whether you should grasp on tight or if you should release and pursue something new,
Whether the pain and sacrifice is worth all of the salty tears,
Whether you want to stay or if you want to give up and forfeit all of your years

Surprisingly, these are all very common thoughts,
The ones that fill your mind and your stomach just to turn it  violently in knots
The ones that keep you inside alone on a beautiful sunny day
The ones that mold your self-being like hands do to clay

I don’t understand why people go so far out of their way to hurt others,
I don’t understand why someone would push another so far to have to abandon their brothers,
I don’t understand how someone could murder with a knife or with  words,
I don’t understand how someone could influence another to leave and fly high with the birds

My advice to you is to never let someone break you down to the point you have to build up walls,
My advice to you is when you hear them talk, to hold your head higher through the halls
My advice to you is to radiate love before you produce hate,
My advice to you is to not just live, but to also create

When you live, you learn that this world is a very unfair place
A planet filled with people who judge you by looks, religion and don’t forget race
My advice to you is to make sure that before dusk and continuing after dawn,
You make the decision to not just  let go but to grasp tight and hold on

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