The Year 2024

March 30, 2017

"Lauren you can't do it." "Lauren you are not fast enough." "Lauren you are not good enough."
        I hear this from my "friends", my coaches, and teammates. I listen to this from the people who are suppose too believe in me and encourage me. But I know it is not true. My mom in her soft soothing voice always told me I could do it as long as I believed in myself. And that is what I am doing, believing in myself. 
        I want to wear the red, white, and blue uniform with the American flag stitched on the shoulder.  I want to represent my country when I am older. I want to play the sport I love with the country I love. I want to make the game winning catch with my softball glove. I want to hear the loud cheer when I step onto the plate. I want to remember all my teammates. 
        I want to play softball in the Olympics.

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