cheers to packingtown

March 30, 2017
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There is a songbird that sings
Day in and day out
He has no choice but to push farther
Life hits him
And he hides his emotions like a martyr

Her heart whispered help and it received none
For months she kept quiet
And in the pit of all her sadness her boss was the one
No voice
No opinion
No reason
No life
All with one action
He took her from her

He works harder
He provides
Yet like the last lingering leaf in the fall
She resides

To say I told you so
Keep going and plead to God for mercy
And like an intro to any Metallica song
Their struggles are prolonged
What a cruel place
A living hell

A love that fades
A purpose not yet made
They are afraid
Disgusting is a game which was not well-played
Their hearts became the color of a deadly nightshade
Betrayed while in a crusade and the world threw a grenade
At a love that fades
A cup raised
A toast made
Here’s to Packingtown

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