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March 30, 2017
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The little brick home, second on the street. Filled with love and laughter. Outside it may look like just any usual house. But, inside it is a home, with a family and memories. Children running out front while the loving neighbors watch as they grow. Toys and sports scatter the yard. Pool splashing out back. Smiles everywhere. Through the years the house has changed but the loving home will always stay the same. Walls coming down, new paint on the walls but the memories of happiness stay put in the structure.
A small cozy home, with pictures hung around. Everybody is welcome with open arms. The smell of dinner being cooked as you walk in, and the candles burning making the room feel warm and cozy. That little bump in the floor that is hard to get used to when walking from room to room. All these little things make up home. Its unique look, which just seems so normal to me now.the front step that has a brick loose, how we all know to be careful when walking on it. Living in this home for the past 12 years everything is now normal and a routine. We don’t question using the side door, we don’t question the things that would normally be questioned. 
The room bright with smiles everyday, family gatherings that keep the whole neighborhood awake. The loud music blaring from the speakers inside and outside. The loud splashing of many jumping into the pool. The screams of laughter and yells of jumping on the trampoline. Each and every one of these things is the reason this home, stays a home. Forever memories and more to make on this small little street, in this small little brick home. 

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