the mask

March 30, 2017
By maddy.57 BRONZE, Gr, Michigan
maddy.57 BRONZE, Gr, Michigan
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The mask
All of these people, all of them so judging and hateful, it's hard to bear.

They see you and judge, though they know nothing of who you really are, they see you and they judge despite themselves, they see you; and they judge.

It makes me  so sad and feel such pity, all of these people because all they know is hate.

If you look too “this” or “that” it's not good enough, if you don't HAVE “this” or “that” you aren't cool enough, if you don't SAY “this or that DO, “this or that, you aren't right.

But in the end  we're all just hiding, shielding ourselves. Not letting them see who we truly are.

We hide behind these masks each day a new one we put on, each day we try to belong.
The mask we all hide behind!

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The mask we hide behind yeah sure it SEEMS OK, and that's the worst part of it all, we all do it,and we do it every single day. You can admit, so blindly we always do this.
But there is always one. One that we let inside.
One that we let see our true unmasked beauty,flaws, that glimpse of untainted us beautiful with all it's grace, all it's so called “flaws”, and that one loves us just the way we are, that one thinks we are beautiful, just as we are. You may not know them but they are there, always there. Weather it be religion, a best friend, a parent, a stranger, a teacher, a friend of a friend, or someone you haven’t met yet. That is why we cannot hide we can not die we can not do these things to ourselves because of the masks everyone else wants us to put on, they can't see you cry, put on a happy face, the can’t see how you wish to die, put on a happy face, they can’t see how much you want to just break down, shut down, no they can’t see you. Put on a happy face.
But we are so blind. So blind to see that we are stuck behind the imagery; that there is no one you can trust , and that no one will understand, or turn to,we all just think to ourselves, they just won’t understand, understand the person I AM,YOU ARE, WE ARE, they just won’t understand, so we pull out our masks so we can conform,we pull them out and cover our true selves, so we can be what the OTHERS WANT US TO BE.

We all put on our masks instead of just saying…… “THIS IS THE REAL ME!”.  

The author's comments:

we all hide behind these masks i know i have one of my own but we need to stop this. this pice means a lot to me and was origionaly made for spoken poetry but i just wrote all the words down so know you can read it.

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