March 17, 2009
By MirandaLogan BRONZE, Millville, New Jersey
MirandaLogan BRONZE, Millville, New Jersey
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Your face would always make mine smile.
I could pick you out in a crowd,
from a mile away.
Your hair was like silk under my touch.
And then it was all taken away.
I remember the days were we laughed and splashed our worries away.
You were always the mast of words,
charming me in every way.
You could have said anything to me,
and I would be most eager to listen.
I remember when I last saw you,
when my life was torn from yours.
You didn't see much affected,
but I was a wounded soul.
I loved you most earnestly,
but unbeknown to me, you differed.
I sound like an old fool,
of that I'm well aware.
But I do however thank you,
now I'm more cautious,
with every breath of air.

The author's comments:
While it isn't completely true, I tried to base it off of many experiences I have had.

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