My Litttle Hood

March 29, 2017
By , Louisville, KY

I'm from the messed up roads and ran down from drug addicts and crime,

from where if you do wrong then you pay for it

whether it's by money, jail time, or by death.

If you do a crime you're facing up to 40 years,

If you pick the wrong crowd thats your problem.

I am from waking up to see a dead body lying in the backyard in the morning

. The smell of blood from a disintegrated body

, The vision of where crime is just a normal thing.

Where staying off the street and not becoming a drug addict or dealer is a hard thing

I'm from where if you don't let people get away with things

. Where everything matters such  as appearance,

whether you work or not,

and even weather or not you make a good repetition

. Where murder is committed so much as if it's not even illegal

,from soggy waffles in the morning and fresh fish at night.

I am from waking up and being thankful to see another day.

To where everyday the first thought in your head is

Will i survive another day on the messed up streets?

Where everyday can be a struggle for you with bad decisions

Where only god can protect and serve.

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