The Rooster

March 29, 2017
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She awoke to a rooster, crowing as if to laugh.
Today was just another day, nothing old nothing new.
In her mind there was a war, one half happy and secure,
The other never wanting to go, her sadness grew.
She slowly got up, scared of what the day will do
I'm nobody she knew

The mirror was her enemy, her own thoughts ruined her.
She true to avoid both, knowing it would make her blue.
She went on with her day, alone and insecure.
But something was different, she heard a coo.
She turned to see, a rooster out of the blue.

The rooster walked confidently, she was envious.
Why was she envious, what could she do?
The bird walked closer, she was confused.
It seemed happy, something she never knew.
She didn't know why, but she felt new.
She is not nobody she knew.

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