Silent Scream

March 17, 2009
By barefootfreak SILVER, Warrington, Pennsylvania
barefootfreak SILVER, Warrington, Pennsylvania
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The Silent scream vibrates through my bones
I clench my jaw to keep it in
A constant captivation lingers
In the corners of my mind
At the edges of my lips
It's there.
The desire
Let it out, let the glass shatter
And the students shudder at the sound
Let it out, let it be
Let the trapped isolated frustration free
Tears threatened to fall, almost as though I feared,
Feared the sweet relief the silence could bring.
I held my eyes shut
My lips parted to kiss the serpent as it rose from my throat
I herd the bell, the tone
The ringing that dragged me by the hair
Back to class
Back to awareness
Back to the current storm
I gathered my books and made my way through the halls
The silent scream still swimming in veins.

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