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The Cover Girl This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

I am from a broken family,
From thunderstorms and lots of rain.
                 I am from the darkness and lots of pain.
I am from frowns and tears.
          Where sunshine never appeared.
I am from the broken hearted.

I am from being the cover girl hiding alone in this world.
I’m from the mirror being my only friend.
I am from learning things myself,
And playing pretend.
                 I’m from all the scars that don’t show,
                                      And playing the undercover roll. 

                      I am from a cold world;
                 Where our generation is terrible.
I am from having no parents to support me,
But with a lady that yells at me,
                          And seems to leave my feelings be;
                                 Like I’m no human being.
I am from wanting somewhere to call “home sweet home.”

I am from the sea in my eyes that never become dry.
         I am from wanting to feel loved
         And being special to someone.
                               I am from the broken branches
And crumbled leaves that have fallen from such a fragile family tree.
I am from these moments;
Moments that have slowly broken me.

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