Bad man

March 28, 2017
He makes America think bad of us.
He called mexicans murderers, rapists,
And drug lords. Most people are normal,
But when he called us these things people
Believed him.

It's scary not knowing what could happen
Next. Knowing that our parents can get taken
Away at any moment and not knowing if you'll
See them again. It's a scary, painful and stressful

Sometimes the feelings go overboard and come out.
Knowing that I don't really express my emotions about
Sad things I knew this was bad. I had to sit in a room with
A lady for an hour claiming that I wasn't depressed as my parents
Thought but scared, worried and stressed.

Scared, worried and stressed is what i feel daily when
I'm not with my parents. He intends on destoying families.
He intends on destoying my family. He intends on stripping
Me of everything I have. This man is Donald Trump the
President of the United States.

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