Little White Pill

March 17, 2009
A little white pill in the palm of your hand
swallow it- wash it down with water-
you lose your grip- it falls and shatters
the little white pill is in your system
it gives you the artificial strength to pick up the pieces-
they're the pieces of your life
what happened to your friends, dreams, and ambitions?
Swallow the pill- it'll help you get them back
but whoever said you couldn't do it on your own?
You're not as weak as you seem-
that little pill- it's not candy
sometimes it doesn't have the desired effect
soon you will know real depression-
and wish you had fought on your own.
Not another Columbine- lifeless shapes all around
don't swallow the pill- it will swallow you
Prozac and Zoloft-
they're not considered saviors
rather chemical unbalance inducers
don't be scared to stand up on your own
don't be another chemical unbalance

We're begging-
throw the pill away.

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