March 28, 2017
By , Louisville, KY

I walk through the door
My mother said she had something to tell me.
I didn’t think of anything at the time
But when she said suicide
I knew this wasn’t fun anymore.
Tears drain from her eyes.

She said they found him last night
But they couldn’t catch him in time
As he was falling through the whole
of his misery.

But he was up to high,
Hanging on a string,
Didn’t know what to do with his
Life, so he...jumped.

My mother says the dead’s name
My father hides the tears,
But behind the scenes tears are pouring
Out of his dreary eyes.

The grieving was endured.
Cycling through Facebook
Quotes to keep us strong,
Prayers to keep us closer to god,
Anything to keep us comfort

Showing no cold shoulder
In welcoming arms to give
And receive love.

On the day as I saw him lay in his
Casket of his own demise
There was mourning,
But also laughter
About his contagious smile.
Remembering his life
Of stories told before I
Was old enough to remember.
The happiness he gave
And the love he shared
Throughout the family.

Now we walk for the intention
To make people aware of suicide.
In hope they hold on to the string,
In hope they won’t jump,
In hope they won’t fall to their own

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