The Dove

March 28, 2017
By , Andover, NJ

Time was ticking and people were dying, living in a war zone
Piles of bodies left in the wake, no desire left to stay
Older brother off and gone, called to duty yet so young
Mother is crying yet again, letting the tears fall as they may
Dearly yearning for the rock of our family, all our hope lost in the fray
Brother please come home today

The future was seeming very bleak, the idea of peace seeming like a dream
Two years have come and two years have gone, all I ever do is pray
Amidst gazing out my window, a flash of white caught my eye
A dove was circling overhead, she passed my window where I lay
She gave me faith and my hope was restored, negative attitudes broke away
Brother please come home today

At the window the following day, hoping for my dove to show
Then I see a stocky man, coming toward me dressed in gray
I sprint down the stairs and out the door, hugging him tightly my brother is home
‘‘They called a truce’’ he says to me, ‘‘I’m free to go and here to stay’’
I look up and the dove is above, then off she goes flying away
Brother has come home today.

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