Where I'm From

March 28, 2017
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I am from shattered ties and broken english,

a lack of focus and an absence of conformity,

A sense of style similar to an ignorant vagabond,

And a bubbled view of the world deceived by it’s illusions,

I'm from a family of immigrants, wife-beaters, burnouts and criminals,

A homeless wanderer lost in my own gene pool,

A future messiah refused a room at the inn,

A hopeful soul in a psychological convalescent home,

An army of one with no barrack to call my own,

I’m from the forgotten cracks in the pavement,

From broken bottles and pools of vomit,

Violent drunks and cultured gypsies,

From the torn pages of gangrenous storybooks,

I am from a place called nowhere,

And somewhere is a place we were created to find.


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