Dream or Fantasy

March 28, 2017
By Eagle-Eye-Beast BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Eagle-Eye-Beast BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Is this a dream or a fantasy?
Are we pretending who we want to be
Or all we working hard to live out our dream.
Is this a dream or a fantasy?

You see at the time when I was around five I had fun saving people,
So I wanted to be a fireman.
Then in grade six when I had to get my so called “dirty mind” fixed.
At that time I wanted to help kids and be a teacher,or,
Did I want to run down the court and hear my name yelled from the bleachers]

I honestly can’t remember

Is this a dream or a fantasy?

I remember back when I was a short fry, had bright blonde hair, and silver blue eyes.
Back when me and my friends would fantasized about being spies.
But at the that time that’s what I wanted to be.
To me that was my dream.

I wanted to hunt dinosaurs and kill monsters, shoot bad guys and have superpowers.
I wanted to have a rival, like Ash Ketchum, and be a pokemon master.
I wanted to be an astronaut and shoot aliens with a blaster.

Is this a dream or a fantasy?

Then as I grew older and my childish mind grew bolder.
My love for music began to develop.
As did my dream to form a band

You see at the time and even now I wanted to be the man.
The man that you could be on time rather than late..
The man that is able to get stuff done.
The man that makes right choices, more than mistakes.

Is that a dream or a fantasy?

Now let me ask you all a question.

Are you working hard to live your dream
Are you going to sit back and relax to live out a fantasy?

Be the man and make the right choice with me.

The author's comments:

One day I realized that we as humans do two things in life. We either work hard to make our dreams come true or we decide that the dream will just happen so I can sit bsck while the work gets done for me. But that my friends is a fantasy.

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