The dream, the dreamer, and eternity

March 17, 2009
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Its half past twelve and its raining outside,
You're lying in bed quiet and still,
While you listen to the sounds around,
Across the room your clock continues to 'tick-tock',
As you think about the time it takes for you to fall a sleep.

The Rain begins to fall harder,
The small 'clicks' are now loud 'thuds',
That reverberates across your roof,
Making your house feel and sound empty,
Now thunder hits the ground lighting the night sky,

No matter how loud the rain falls
You still hear the clocks 'tick-tock'
Your eyes close and all you see is dark
Hoping your ears will find more
Than your eye did in that lonely room

The rains 'thud' and the clocks 'tick-tock'
Are what distract your wondering ear
Your ear becomes aware of the sounds around you
Creating a solemn syncopated melody with it
Tick-tock, Thud, Tick- tock, Thud, Tick-Tock, Thud

The solemn syncopated melody puts you in a trance
That makes life move around you, or so you think
One second you're lying in bed in an empty house
In a blink of an eye you're standing on a street
In an unknown place, wet holding a paper that reads Saigon

You close your eyes again and the melody comes back
This time you open your eyes and sun shines right in your face
The warm breeze brushes against your body stroking your hair back
You realize you're dressed in a floral sun dress and a pair of Valentinos
And are standing in front of Michelangelo's Piazza del Campidoglio

Holding a coin in your left hand thinking of what wish you'll make
You don't want to close your eyes because you're afraid
Because you think that if you do you will go back to the quiet house
And that's your wish you decide to toss the coin and wish to never go back
You turn around and toss the coin as the coin falls times speeds up

The big clock in the center of Piazza Del Campidoglio Strikes 7:00pm
You look around and realize that the light from the sky is diffusing
The Sun moves below the horizon, its rays refracting the ambiance of the earth
It's past the twilight and you only have enough time to watch the coin fall
Because the sound of the clock warns you that not all is real.

So you close your eyes and allow yourself to fade,
Back into the your reality where you lie in bed
Listening to the solemn syncopated melody of time and nature
Then the rain stops the clock's sound fades
And the sun comes up over the horizon.

Last night you had a dream a vision, not a fantasy
A dream about the never ending dream of life
A dream that goes on for eternity
The one and only dream the last and first dream
Deep down you know that last night you had a dream
Where you believed that life was never ending,

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