Melancholy May

March 26, 2017
By Savannah.W PLATINUM, Joliet, Montana
Savannah.W PLATINUM, Joliet, Montana
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

An anguished child won’t weep, but rather sings
     while pulling limbs off daffodils in May.
i scream. but No one cares to hear a thing

“Just tuck away the pain inside, Darling”
     says mother when she steals her tears away.
When children learn not weep, but rather sing

She comforts baby birds with broken wings
     and nurtures them until they fly away.
She reaches out. but No one hears a thing

Small hearts ask God if He, is listening
     but know He’s not as rainbows fade to grey.
An anguished child won’t sleep, but rather sings

She watches broken lambs wilt every spring
     but God wont give her what he stole today.
She screams. but No one, ever hears a thing!

Secluded playgrounds sullen autumn brings
     she’ll never understand why joy won’t stay
An anguished child won’t weep, but rather sings
i scream. (but No one cares to hear a thing)

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