March 25, 2017
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It took too long to see
How I couldn’t change me

I always had my head in the clouds
But never looked to the stars
For the stars had no limits
But clouds set bars

I was in constant motion, running,
To where I had to be
I never wondered how, running,
Could never set me free

I always made lists, agendas, of where
And when I had to go
Life doesn’t ever plan itself,
Little did I know

I was in hot pursuit of purpose
Something I thought could be achieved
By running, never stopping,
for money, for fame,
To be free

After a while, I collapsed, exhausted
Gasped for air, I tried my best to breathe
But I was caught in a never-ending circle,
When I asked what do I achieve?

By running in a rat race
What do I gain?
Sure, money and fame are good
But what about the pain?

If all I care about is winning
I become a try hard, try my best,
But if, in the end, trying hard doesn’t count
Will winning mean less?

I had buried the bad things, my everything, my soul
And if home is where the heart is,
My home had suddenly turned cold

I didn’t expect that winning, running in the rat race,
Wouldn’t set me free
For in pursuit of purpose, I had sacrificed my happiness,
My joy, my glee

And now, two seconds too late
If only I had looked to the stars
I would’ve realized what could’ve set me free
My pursuit of purpose
Should’ve been the pursuit
To be

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