Give Me Some Water

March 17, 2009
The tears rolled down her face as she realized what was happening. The person who claimed that she was the love of their life, was letting her go.
"I...I...I thought you loved me", she said.
"I do," he looked down "its just that we can't work out". With that she turned around squeezed her eyelids shut, clenched her teeth and took a step forward.
"Please don't do anything harmful." he pleaded form behind her. She wasn't his anymore, he let go, now he couldn't stop her because she was done with keeping her promises if he couldn't keep just one.
That they would be together forever. She was in love with him and she would do anything for him. She walked away quickly, feeling more broken with each step because each step was a step away from him and he just stood there, silent.
She was expecting him to stop her, to take her back. She wasn't expecting this, but at least he had grown enough courage to break her heart again, but this time, in person. She rummaged through her purse for the pills she promised not to take.

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