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March 24, 2017
By YEHBOI BRONZE, Cincinatti, Ohio
YEHBOI BRONZE, Cincinatti, Ohio
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Just Because I’m a Gamer
Don’t make me change what I like
Don’t tell me I can’t do it
Don’t think I’m not smart
Just because I’m a Gamer
It doesn’t mean I can’t go outside
It doesn’t mean I don’t have “Real Friends”
It doesn’t mean I can’t eat healthy
Just because I’m a Gamer
I can grow up too
I know how to sports
Just because I’m a Gamer - Still be my friend

I believe in the Dab
The Flying Mario
That There will be a Cloud Amiibo
The idea of a Giant house galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 3
The Fact that I can’t write poetry
Green Bronze Luigi, P.M. Seymour is best VA, I can’t smell,
But not that the world can’t change
I believe in Sonic the hedgehog OC’s
I believe in the Steven
I believe that Tissues are Helpful
And I believe That together everyone can help the world change

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