Long Ago & Far Away

March 17, 2009
By Anonymous

If a glance, a smile, and a touch of hands
Means young love creates long strands
And the Sun and Stars shine with grace
Showing worlds beyond without a trace
And with all the bad and the sweet are we the least?
Or the defying feat?

With people and persons
And all living things
With color beyond
Jumping through circus rings
Rings of life of fear and rage of things right here
And out in space
Who is the master, the painter where can they be
How do they pick from the deck the ace
Out of All the other wannabes?

Wondering, Wandering
To dream and forget
Insanity or Originality
Brilliance, Madness
Right from Wrong
Things that we meant
The lines are so thin
What might we suspect?
Balance being the key
And holding your head straight up and erect

The sands of time where a grain can be
A second or year
It is unknown to me
The memories hold on from and till yesteryear
Of time of flowers of sound of anything
You can be, can imagine it is all waiting
To become
Long Ago & Far Away

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