March 24, 2017
By , I dont know?, KY

The small mysterious pond

Near the small pond
First nice day in months
Ground still cold and soaked
Winters wrath is coming to an end
The pond is small
But it has so much life
Bright sunshine beats down
Never been here without snow on the ground
How long will this last?
Who knows
Don't want to leave
But I don't want to stay
Makes my mind race


Well Papa I got your sunglasse
They are a little worn
They have a scratch on the left lense
One side is a little crooked

But they are perfect

I've had them five years now
They remind me of how cool you are
I am proud every time I put them on

It makes me feel closer to you
I know you will look out for me
They put a smile on my face

I know they probably weren't special to you
But I still think they are the greatest pair I'll ever own
I'll keep them to the day I die

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