March 17, 2009
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Loneliness is the color of the black hole in the universal;
It sounds like the vulture's scream in the sky of the Africa Serengeti;
It tastes like milk that is expired;
And it smells like the cold wind from South Pole;
It smells like the dust in the old closet;
It looks like old grandma sitting in the rock chair in the front of the house;
It makes me scared.

Loneliness is the color of the black light bulb;
It sounds like stray dog sobbing for a piece of smelly meat;
And it tastes like the immature watermelon;
It smells like the basement that has no door and window;
It looks like the match girl's lighting matches;
It makes me want to scream.

Loneliness is the color of the sun set in a cold winter;
It sounds like the little boy's crying who get lost with his family in the park;
It tastes like Valentine's Day's chocolates I bought by myself;
It smells like heat in the summer afternoon;
It looks like the crew surrounding the corpse;
It makes me feel like Robinson Crusoe on the island somewhere in Atlantic.

Loneliness is the distance between people.

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