March 23, 2017
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And I’m always where a few
Is too many, two at most
Nose won't blow, can’t
Help myself but
I need to i have
A cold
Even if it doesn't show
And it’s ten for the sheep
But one for the shepherd
Who's led by himself
Trusts his own perception
Took a whole box of tissues
And got rescinded
Can’t be me
Now I’m trapped I’m an impossible maze
Feeling my throat ablaze
These words to my pacifist
Made disheartened
And even to my masochist
Were to violent
What’s so wrong with this thing I pleaded?
My disrespect will cost me the key to eden
I tasted their fruit snack of knowledge and I can never go back

It seems as I spoke my fangs unknown were shown
My smile must have been poisoned
She tells me what I crave will never be mine
What I crave can never be mine
Anima Charta
Anima Charta

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