March 23, 2017

But the most wonderful love, the love of all loves,

The love of nature, the love of family.
There is love in everything in the world even if you cannot see it.
Falling in love with something can be very hard or very easy,
It can take a while to happen or it can happen out of the blue,
You may love something that someone hates,
Everyone sees something in their own eyes and everyone loves differently,
The love of a person is the infinite, tenderest, passionate love,
The love of a mother, father, daughter, son, wife, husband, sister, brother and many more is all different.
Theres also the wonderful love of a newborn baby,
A new life and new soul,
Love is a wonderful thing that everybody experiences,
There are people who do not think they can love,
Little do they know, that everybody loves something even if they don’t think they do,
Love is in everything that exists,
If you believe that you can, then you will.
You can see the beauty and love in everything that you take the time to learn about.

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