False Hopes

March 17, 2009
By sminor09 PLATINUM, Garden, Michigan
sminor09 PLATINUM, Garden, Michigan
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Hope! They say,
You always must have hope!
Don't be pessimistic-
Always expect the best!
But what is worse?
I ask.
To relish hope-
To savor the feeling
Dwell on your desire-
And lay broken hearted
When disappointment calls.
Or is it indeed better
To expect the worst
To be a pessimist through and through-
And then-
Yes, then-
When disappointment calls-
It does not destroy you-
It does not break your heart quite as much,
And if, just if,
The best does happen-
It feels even better
Because you never thought it would.
In the end-
Is everyone's weakness.

The author's comments:
A poem about how sometimes it's better not to hope because disappointment is a bitter end.

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