Toys of the Gods

March 17, 2009
By sminor09 PLATINUM, Garden, Michigan
sminor09 PLATINUM, Garden, Michigan
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in our hearts- in our minds-
do we sit at the throne
of this majestic kingdom-
or is it a mirage-
a dream-
we touch with light fingertips-
it crumbles-
dust blown by the wind.
No future- no past-
a blurred spot on the timeline-
a chess board beneath my feet
white immortality-
black death- mortal at best.

A road diverged-
Do we choose which way to go?
Heroes are villains who make better choices-
the gods- do they watch
are we puppets- and they our masters?
Life- the string is cut-
death resounds.

We fight disdainfully-
we cry remorsefully-
we love faithfully-
we hurt in vain.
Of what is in this world-
how much is natural-
not altered by an unseen force-
or are we all toys of the gods?
mere pawns on a chessboard.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by the stories in Greek mythology I studeied in my World Literature class. In those stories humans were only used as the mortal Gods' entertainment.

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